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The first consideration in your choice of mattress.

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep. And nothing contributes more to sound sleep than the degree of comfort your mattress brings you.

Designed to exceed your expectations

Every MatTech mattress is designed to ensure your well-being. Our wide range offers something to suit every type of sleeper – whether you prefer a firmer or a softer feel; whether you sleep on your back, your stomach or your side, or all three!

Craftsmanship founded on details

Quality materials

  • high-density foam
  • imported Belgian pure virgin wool
  • imported Belgian woven damask


Support zones for optimal comfort

MatTech’s pocketed-coil mattresses are designed with a number of different support zones. In each zone, the coil strength is adjusted to provide perfect support for the various parts of the body. Since shoulders and hips are heavier, those zones have firmer coils.

Using computer-assisted assembly methods, we can adjust the parameters of the support zones, depending on the type of mattress. Each coil is programmed in production to build a mattress that exactly matches the required level of comfort.

Comfort straight from technology

The viscoelastic foam, the result of an innovative technology developed by NASA, has a unique texture that perfectly fits the body. On contact, the pressure felt in return is minimal, giving the impression that defy the laws of physics and to float off to sleep.