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Enjoy your investment longer

The durability of a mattress depends on its components and how they are arranged and assembled.Buying a mattress is a worthwhile investment, you can determine the reliability based on these criteria.

Design focused on sustainability

The materials we use and the techniques we employ are selected with care. At MatTech, we manufacture every part of our mattresses from A to Z, maintaining complete quality control at every stage. MatTech’s painstaking assembly methods and superior materials are your assurance of an unmatched life span.

Superior technical expertise for longer life

Pocketed coils designed to last

For greater strength, MatTech manufactures its own pocketed coils from superior-quality steel wire.

The support zones ensure even coil wear. Consequently, the mattress tends to distort less over the years, maintaining its original comfort and support levels longer.

For this type of mattress, MatTech compresses more its coils during production to ensure they continue providing the same resistance over time.

Reinforced foam contour

This additional feature strengthens the structure of the mattress and prevents sagging at the edges.


A traditional hand-crafted assembly method, tufting ensures that all of the mattress components stay firmly in place for a long time.