Zone de bonheur

Sensation Excellence collection


8 inch pocket coils (honeycomb shape) compressed to 6.5 inches; manufactured with superior steel wires for increased strength. Computer assisted tempering to create customized support zones.


Texel fibers (resistant to stretching) and extra-firm foam borders are added to the sides of the mattress during assembly. The mattress is then solidified by the use of the tufting technique. This European method, made by craftsmen, enable the different upholstery layers to be strongly held together to avoid shifting, resulting in unequaled quality and durability.

Matériaux et tissus

The materials that are used in the comfort layers all possess precise properties that conform to MatTech’s strict requirements for comfort and durability. One particular material used in this mattress is Visco-gel; a product that has the capability to reduce pressure points on the body while maintaining a high resilience. The density of this foam is 4 pounds and its thickness is 1 1/4 inches thus ensuring that you can benefit from all the comfort this foam has to offer. The Visco-gel foam is laid on a 1 1/4 inch soft foam (2 pound density). The top fabrics used are manufactured from the most advanced quilting techniques in the textile industry; the fabrics are stitched on a 1 1/4 inch comfort foam (2 pound density). Additional fiber layers and virgin wool are used on the whole surface of the mattress to eliminate any negative heating effects.